Sunday, May 31, 2009

Winds of change

Chile's coming presidential election
May 28th 2009 SANTIAGO From The Economist print edition
The Concertación is disconcerted
FOR an outgoing government, an approval rating of over 50% ought to spell another term of office. Yet a recent poll found that one in five supporters of the Concertación, Chile’s centre-left governing coalition, expects it to lose December’s presidential election. These fears are not groundless. For the first time since the Concertación took office in 1990, an opposition candidate—in this case, Sebastián Piñera, a wealthy businessman—leads the polls. His victory is by no means assured but, says Marta Lagos of the local office of MORI, an opinion-pollster, his “image of triumph” will be hard to surmount. Leer desde Economist...